Earthquake damage organization EDO

The Earthquake damage organization (EDO) association supports the population and the cantons by providing personnel and technical resources for assessing damage and evaluating buildings following an earthquake. The association comprises private and cantonal members of EDO partners and supporters.

Board of Directors

Dr. iur. Stephanie Ey­mann

Chair of the Board of Directors
RK MZF representative

Michael Wieser

Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors
VKG representative

Dr. Lukas Sum­mer­mat­ter

Member of the Board of Directors
VKG representative

Dr. Alexan­der Krethlow

Member of the Board of Directors
RK MZF representative

Adri­an Kol­leg­ger

Member of the Board of Directors
SVV representative

Gabor Jaimes

Member of the Board of Directors
SVV representative

Association members


Intergovernmental Conference Military, Civil Defense, Fire Brigade
Haus der Kantone
Speichergasse 6
3011 Bern


Swiss Insurance Association
Conrad-Ferdinand-Meyer-Strasse 14
8002 Zürich


Association of Cantonal Building Insurers
Bundesgasse 20
3011 Bern


Canton Nidwalden
Postfach 1246
6371 Stans


Canton Basel-Landschaft
represented by the Office of Military Affairs and Civil Protection
Oristalstrasse 100
4410 Liestal

HQ and the Secretariat

The HQ and the Secretariat of the Earthquake damage organization (EDO) is responsible for the operational management of earthquake preparedness and coordinates the EDO response on behalf of the cantons, public building insurers and public-sector insurers following an earthquake. In the event of a catastrophe, the Secretariat provides the cantons with building data, IT infrastructure and expert groups for evaluating buildings and manages damage assessment operations.

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