Earthquake preparedness and earthquake management

The Earthquake damage organization (EDO) is tasked with supporting damage assessment and reconstruction operations following a major earthquake. In the planning phase, the EDO takes care of earthquake preparedness. This encompasses recruiting groups of building evaluation and damage assessment experts. In the incident response phase, the EDO ensures the operation of the TERMOT platform and is able to scale the organisation according to requirements at all times.

What happens in the planning phase?

In addition to influenza pandemics and power shortages, earthquakes are among the greatest risks in Switzerland. Whilst they may occur less frequently than other natural disasters, they can cause enormous damage. Building evaluation and damage assessment experts are imperative to being able to quickly establish a clear picture of the damage that has occurred. This is why we recruit these experts in advance as part of our earthquake preparedness strategy and are able to mobilise them in the event of a catastrophe.


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Are you a qualified civil engineer or architect, a construction planning technician specialised in architecture or a building construction manager? We are looking for building evaluation and damage assessment experts to support us in the event of an earthquake. You will receive training before being sent out into the field.

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What happens in the incident response phase?

The earthquake management support provided by the EDO is divided into two important steps. In the first step, the experts mobilised by the cantons assess the buildings of private individuals, companies, organisations, municipalities, cities and cantons. We also provide the cantons with building data and IT infrastructure. During this process, buildings are evaluated following an earthquake to see whether they can be safely occupied.

In the second step, our experts carry out damage assessments. These assessments form the basis for potential aid requests, which the cantons submit to the Confederation to secure swift financial reconstruction aid, and are also used to determine the amount of insurance compensation.

What is TERMOT?

The TERMOT platform offers both the EDO as well as the cantons the ability to coordinate and conduct damage assessments and building evaluations efficiently. This digital solution enables all parties involved to work together when dealing with a major earthquake event and to cooperate in ensuring the swift reconstruction of Switzerland.


The EDO and its partners

The Earthquake damage organization (EDO) is funded by the 26 cantons, the Principality of Liechtenstein, cantonal building insurers and private insurers. We are supported by our partners: the Association of Cantonal Building Insurers (VKG), the Swiss Insurance Association (SIA), the Intergovernmental Conference on Issues relating to Military, Civil Protection and Fire Services (RK MZF), the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP), the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the Swiss Seismological Service (SED), ETH Zurich, TCS, the Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects (SIA) and other important bodies.

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