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The Earthquake damage organization (EDO) is currently establishing a pool of experts in order to be able to mobilise experts quickly and efficiently to assess damages in the aftermath of a severe earthquake. Moreover, the EDO supports the cantons with IT infrastructure and provides experts for the evaluation and damage estimation of buildings.

Who can become an EDO expert?

We rely on having the assistance of as many experts as possible in the event of a catastrophe. We are therefore currently looking for:

  • Civil engineers (graduated from university or a Federal Institute of Technology)

  • Architects (graduated from university or a Federal Institute of Technology)

  • Construction planning technicians specialising in architecture (graduated from a professional college)

  • Building construction managers (completed higher professional examination)

  • Structural damage insurance experts

Pro­ce­dure in the event of an earth­quake

You will only be sent an SMS or email request to assist in the event of an earthquake. You are always free to decide whether you wish to accept an assistance request. You will also be trained before being sent out into the field to ensure you are “fit for the mission”. In addition, you can set and plan your days of service yourself on our TERMOT platform. All experts will receive compensation in line with industry standards.

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